Research Unit at Sant Pau Hospital

Barcelona, Spain
Customised ceramic parts that integrate into the original aesthetic of the building as a solar shade
Faveker was responsible for the design and manufacture of a customised ceramic piece for the façade of the research module at the Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona, responding to the needs of architect Pich Aguilera to achieve a unique and novel image, while maintaining the original aesthetics of the building. This fantastical ceramic 'sunscreen' is made of pieces in the brick-red colour of the modernist complex of the hospital, reproducing the original colours of the hospital's tiles within the solar shade. This project won the ASCER Cátedra Cerámica award for its unique use of ceramics and the careful integration of an avant-garde building into the existing modernist complex. The ceramic pieces - extruded, glazed and fired at 1,300ºC - come to the fore in the final result of the building.


This is one of Faveker's most unique works to date. The ceramic piece used in the façade of the Hospital de Sant Pau was designed and manufactured just for this project based on instructions from the architect in order to achieve a unique and incomparable aesthetic.