Ceramic ventilated façades (extrusion) for new builds, renovation and one-off projects

Faveker is a manufacturer of extruded ceramic ventilated façade systems, used in renovation, new builds and one-off projects. The Faveker team of engineers and high-level building technicians has extensive experience and works on projects with architecture and engineering firms for optimal implementation. This includes estimating materials, training installers, calculating thermal transmittance and the development of new clamping systems. Faveker is the façades division of "Gres de Aragón", a company that has been working in construction for almost 80 years. This division works meticulously and efficiently, collaborating on projects from the outset with architecture and engineering firms to ensure optimal implementation
Installing a Faveker ceramic ventilated façade contributes to a more sustainable building, one that is, therefore, more efficient and comfortable. The result of the greater thermal and acoustic insulation provided is that the building is endowed with materials that are healthier for both people and the environment. The systems are 100% recyclable, while at least 40% of the material used to manufacture them is from recycled sources.
The extruded porcelain ceramic pieces manufactured by Faveker, traced through rigorous quality controls from the reception of the raw materials to packaging, are heavy duty products that are light and clean with no need for maintenance, and guarantee durability and resistance over time. There are a multitude of aesthetic possibilities thanks to the advanced digital printing technology and Faveker's singular ability to adapt to any type of project.