What is Contract Aragón?

The Government of Aragon (Spain) coordinates the Contract Aragón initiative. It encompasses all the companies in the region working in the contract channel around the world. 

Contract Aragón offers a platform and an ecosystem that enables over 100 Aragonese entities acting in the contract channel to share experiences, meet collaborators and receive training to further their understanding of this channel. 

The initiative was launched by Aragón Exterior and the Aragon Chambers of Commerce in 2018, with its participants proving highly active from its inception. 

This website is a further platform to help achieve the objectives pursued under the plan. It contains details of all the Aragonese companies in the channel classified according to the solutions they offer, as well as the projects each of them has undertaken. 

It is intended for architects, decorators, specifiers and project managers in hotel companies and groups that can use contact forms to send in requests for information to our companies or request advice from Aragón Exterior to obtain further information.