Office buildings

Secuoya Studios

Madrid, Spain
First UHD 4K high-resolution LED screen installed in Spain
With the stunning arrival of Netflix at the facilities of Secuoya Studios in Tres Cantos (Spain), the possibility was studied for creating a spectacular welcome for visitors to the brand new headquarters of the American film giant in Madrid. Faced with this challenge, the integration of the first ultra high definition (UHD) LED technology screen with 4K resolution installed in a corporate headquarters in Spain was designed for the welcome hall, with which Netflix now welcomes visitors to its facilities. Over 4.5 m wide and 2.5 m high, this screen has more than 8 million pixels and its contents are played on an Aracast 4K player, which allows for remote management. In addition to this imposing screen, another high-resolution outdoor LED screen greets visitors with a welcome message to the studios, likewise managed from the Aracast Digital Signage system.


In a place that is feverish with the première of films, series, or documentaries, the remote management of multimedia content allows for continuous updating without the need to replace the vinyl or graphic printing signs used in traditional signage, avoiding the generation of waste and promoting the zero waste model.