Sports facilities

Sierra Nevada ski resort

Granada, Spain
Modernisation of visitor information systems with LED screens
Given the need of the Sierra Nevada ski resort to modernize and digitize the visitor information systems at the resort, at the beginning of 2020 a digital information network was installed through 10 large-format LED screens and high luminosity 55” monitors distributed among the different chairlifts, access areas and main areas transited at the Granada resort. As the main technological challenge, Tecco was faced with the need to protect this network of information displays from the inclement weather conditions of the season in both summer and winter. So, the engineering team worked on the design of enveloping structures equipped with a smart temperature and humidity control system. This system allows both screens and monitors to always remain within the temperature and humidity ranges necessary to ensure they work properly and extend the life of this equipment, even when faced with extreme conditions. The whole control system was programmed by their development team. It allows the computer systems team at the Sierra Nevada ski resort to monitor the status of the entire network of screens in real time, as well as the temperature and humidity inside and outside them. This facility was the first of its kind in a ski resort in Spain.