Digitalization of Coca-Cola POS

With over 150 installations, Coca-Cola boasts one of the largest digital signage networks nationwide without having its own physical points of sale
Since 2018, Tecco has designed and manufactured LED screens in digital header format for the Coca-Cola for its sales shelves in supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout Spain. This digital communication network allows Coca-Cola to enhance its brand image at the point of sale through the content displayed in a "disruptive" way as well as influence the shopping experience, consequently increasing product sales. Through its content management system Aracast and an interactive web monitoring application, Coca-Cola can control the content being shown on all the screens in real time and from anywhere. They can even see a live stream of this content, as well as know if the displays are on or off, which facilitates content analysis and auditing. Time scheduling allows for maximum impact at all times.


Remote management of the multimedia content of the LED screens allows for it to be regularly updated without the need to replace graphic printing signs used in traditional signage, avoiding the generation of waste and promoting the zero waste model. In turn, it avoids staff having to go to the facilities to make such a change.