Comprehensive audiovisual technology solutions: from high resolution LED screens through to control software

Since 1994, the company has been developing, manufacturing, distributing and offering expert advice on audiovisual technologies. They apply the most advanced AV, IT, AR/VR and IoT technologies to offer their clients the best solution. In addition, since 2006 they have developed and manufactured digital signage systems that are marketed under the trademarks TECCO, ARACAST and CARESIGN. Among the solutions they have developed and manufacture is a wide range of products for audiovisual projects, such as digital signage, augmented reality, touch-sensitive tables, digital totems, shift management, capacity control, LED digital headboards, indoor and outdoor LED screens and displays with gel dispensers. Tecco was established as a distribution company for professional audiovisual products from the leading brands. Nowadays, they design, develop, manufacture and supply a very wide range of audiovisual solutions and digital signage in which the product itself takes on great importance.
Tecco is committed to a future that involves sustainability, both in environmental, as well as social and economic terms. The company's quality and environmental management policy establishes the commitment to provide and maintain the highest levels of product/service quality, generating the least possible environmental impact with the highest levels of safety for employees. They pursue a chosen strategy to prevent pollution and reduce waste in operations, as well as manage and treat waste in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. In turn, they work as much as possible with recyclable products, and all the brands for which they distribute products work in the same fashion.
Throughout its business history in a sector as volatile as technology, Tecco has maintained a strategy of continuous innovation, offering new innovative and game-changing solutions to its customers, as well as improving and adapting the company's marketing and organisational model. Among the projects or innovative solutions undertaken ad hoc or for specific customer demands is the Caresign product range, developed as a consequence of the situation spawned by COVID 19. They are digital signage products committed to health and hygiene in public spaces, combining a 10" or 24" information display with an automatic dispenser of hand sanitizer gel, meaning they can display information, instructions, and so forth. The most advanced model allows for capacity control and/or the management of a single row.