Urban places

Playgrounds and urban fitness equipment

Sao Paulo, Brasil
Beach-front children's play areas and urban fitness equipment in corrosion-resistant materials
A coastal municipality in the state of São Paulo acquired several playgrounds and urban gymnastics equipment made of stainless steel from Industrias Agapito to be installed in the vicinity of its beaches and promenades. A beautiful environment that incorporates new urban furniture in which children can play and adults can practise outdoor sports. The children's playgrounds for beaches that were installed include merry-go-rounds and polyethylene slides, stainless steel swings, stainless steel dock games with capacity for two users, polyethylene children's play houses and children's carousels made of stainless steel. On the other hand, the urban fitness equipment for the beach had a modular structure that incorporated 13 items, among which were urban bicycles, jump and sit-ups benches, balance points and so forth.


The outdoor setting by the sea combines the beauty of the landscape with the technical challenge of marine corrosion. The manufacture of playgrounds for beaches requires the use of highly corrosion-resistant materials. In this case that means AISI 316 stainless steel and high density polyethylene were used.