Urban places

Children’s games and gymnastics equipment

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Installation of outdoor children's play areas in an extreme weather environment
Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, has in its public parks playgrounds and gymnastics equipment manufactured by Agapito Industries. The project consists of three children's play areas and a fourth urban gymnastics zone. The children's playgrounds are equipped, among other things, with three towers and two slides, a double-side dock, swing, a flying carousel and a large pirate ship. This project has a bio-health area installed in one of the access points that allows you to do outdoor sports with safe equipment.


The level of quality required in the children's and gymnastics equipment installed in this project was very demanding due to the extreme weather conditions they have to endure. The gymnastics machines are perfectly adapted to extreme climates and continuous exposure to inclement weather, so they will last for many years in this Arab Emirate.