Agapito Urban Industries

Made-to-measure urban amenities and playgrounds for anywhere in the world

Founded back in 1870, Industrias Agapito is a company engaged in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of urban furnishing. The company designs and manufactures customised solutions for children's playgrounds, street furniture and outdoor sports circuits for public parks. Throughout the company's history supremely specialised works have been undertaken, including extensive construction work and jobs involving wood, metal and plastic. In addition to a firm commitment to design, Industrias Agapito adapts construction materials to the installation location to ensure they are as long-lasting as possible. They currently have 20,000 m2 of facilities in Zaragoza and extensive international experience, exporting to over 40 countries. Agapito Industries solutions can be found in markets as diverse as Brazil, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, China, Chile, Sweden, Georgia and Australia, among many others.
Industrias Agapito uses recycled plastic from post-consumption recycling to manufacture some of its urban furniture products, which are fully recycled and recyclable.