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Medieval castle for children

Moscow, Russia
7-metre tall structure for children taking its inspiration from Medieval European castles
The city of Moscow has an impressive medieval castle produced by Agapito Urban Industries. The structure consists of eight towers, one of them more than 7 metres high, two tube slides, two polyethylene slides and seventeen additional games. This medieval-inspired children's theme castle is packed with original details designed to stimulate children's imagination and social skills in a fun and safe theme park. Reaching the King's Great Tower of this unique multi-game is not easy: children have to go up climbing walls, cross bridges, mislead the guards of the castle towers, crawl through the secret tunnel and cross the suspension bridge, all while avoiding being captured and locked in the dungeon. If they need to flee, children can leave this giant children's castle by using the spiral tube slide and the L-shaped tube slide, the polyethylene and stainless steel open slides or by sliding down the fire pole.