Orbi City

Batumi, Georgia
Installation of electronic locks and software for 10,000 rooms
Batumi, on the Black Sea coast close to the border with Turkey, is the second-biggest city in Georgia. Just 50 metres from the beach, the Orbi City project consists of 3 independent buildings of 56 floors each, making it one of the largest hotel complexes in the world. For the 10,000 rooms and apartments across the three buildings, Omnitec Systems was responsible for the installation of an electronic lock (EVO), gateways and software (OS Access), plus the APP UpKey to control and manage the entire facility centrally online.


Among other technical adaptations, in Orbi City Omnitec Systems resized the EVO electronic lock capacity so that it could register a greater volume of users. It also included specific functions required by the client based on the characteristics of the installation and the type of commercial exploitation, customising the software and the app to the corporate image of the Orbi Group, as well as all the external parts of the lock visible to guests.