Be and Nomade Hotels

Tulum, Mexico
Access control to rooms and villas spread around a demanding natural environment
Located in the jungle of Tulum, these hotels offer an atmosphere that interweaves the luxury and beaches of the best hotels in Riviera Maya with the rustic out in the middle of the jungle. Its managers contacted Omnitec Systems to control access to the rooms and villas spread around an open, natural environment. They wanted to install electronic locks on sliding doors and swing doors without losing the essence of the hotel.


This project acquired the added difficulty that the folding doors are made in their own workshop, are wider and heavier than the standard in hotels and are in an area with very adverse weather conditions for electronic devices, with high humidity and high saline content in the environment. 93 electronic X-Clusive IP66 electronic cylinders were placed in the sliding doors. This model is designed for very harsh weather environments. The swing doors received 46 electronic Fit-In locks with a tropics-resistant electronic circuit, which are resistant to the most adverse saline environments. To avoid modifying the doors, all the through parts of the lock were made-to-measure, so that they fit the special width of the door.