Omnitec Systems

Security and technology in locks, access controls, safes and mini-bars

Omnitec Systems has an accumulated experience of over 25 years developing, manufacturing and marketing electronic locks, access controls, safes and mini-bars. Their client portfolio includes hotel chains such as Hilton, Barceló, H10 Hotels, Hard Rock Hotel, Vincci, Iberostar, Zenit and Bahía Príncipe. Subsidiaries in Mexico and the United Kingdom complement the commercial activity undertaken by the head office in Spain, which in turn relies on logistics platforms in Asia and Mexico to ensure optimised delivery times for shipments to any country. Nowadays, with a consolidated sales network in over 70 countries, Omnitec is one of the most recognised brands in the sector, guaranteeing quality and service on five continents. Since its inception, the company has focused on the hospitality sector. This fact allied with constant ongoing growth has meant they can tackle projects across distinct sectors.
The company creates products that consume little and score high on energy efficiency. Its commitment to sustainability also includes the use of cardboard packaging, thus choosing to eliminate plastics, and it has a project to introduce rechargeable batteries to reduce battery waste.
Omnitec is committed to integration with "Room Management Systems" to increase security, comfort and automation in hotels. The "Guest Presence" control improves and increases the security of using their safes. The company also customises the design and finish of the handles to adapt the locks to the décor.