Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena

Ibiza, Spain
Installation of 90 hybrid solar panels for major hot water consumption
The Ecomesh panels were installed at this luxury hotel in the Balearic Islands to preheat domestic hot water (DHW) and for electricity use without feeding into the public supply network. Comprising 90 panels, the solar thermal field is a collector covering around 147.6 m2, producing 162,500 kWh/year of thermal energy. This represents a caloric contribution of 23.5% of the hotel's DHW requirements. In addition, the electrical output is 21 kW, with a total saving of 112,705 Kg CO2 emissions annually.


The Balearic installation was the one of the first hybrid solar facilities in Spain and made the hotel a benchmark for ecological tourism. Using these panels in places with high thermal consumption allows for a substantial reduction in the use of fossil fuels, with 60-80% solar energy coverage achieved.


ECOMESH hybrid solar panels produce more energy per square metre than most hybrid panels on the market, and certainly more than the same surface area covered by flat photovoltaic or thermal panels. This installation contributes 23.5% of the hotel's DHW demand.