Sustainable and efficient energy solutions thanks to hybrid solar panels

The ENDEF company was founded in 2012 to become a benchmark for solar technological innovation by offering innovative solutions focused on renewable energies and energy efficiency. It became the first Spanish company to develop, manufacture and market hybrid solar panels. As a result of these panels, the R & D department has become a leading figure in the sector at a European level participating in and running various H2020 projects, as well as other national initiatives. It has diversified its activity in the field of solar energy to cover consultancy and the technical office (developing and studying all kinds of projects and solar solutions) and has its own installation team that specialises in photovoltaic self-supply. The company rounds out its business with the monitoring department, which studies and offers resources and tools for energy efficiency projects.
Since its inception, the objectives at ENDEF have gone hand-in-hand with caring for the environment and the continuous search for tools and systems that help achieve more environmentally sustainable societies. The actions and measures range from a commitment to renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste management to activism against climate change and coalitions to achieve a democratic energy transition. ENDEF proposes a business model in which people are at the epicentre of decision-making.
ENDEF works on different projects with national and European partners that allow them to develop solutions adapted to different climate and geographical conditions. In addition, they seek to integrate their technology with other pre-existing elements on the market to open up a range of opportunities for sustainable solar energy production. The monitoring line is based on the principles of free software, allowing you to integrate your gear with that of different brands with more closed systems. They offer monitoring tools that are fully adaptable and programmable to the specific needs of each client.