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University of Cádiz

Cádiz, Spain
Installation of Ecovolt solar panels water preheating system for low temperatures and hot climates
This 80-panel installation is designed to preheat water for a fish farm. The application required a low target temperature (around 22ºC), in addition to having high electricity consumption. The annual production per panel in these latitudes is 425 kWh electric and 840 kWh thermal. The ECOVOLT system is a hybrid panel that is covered with a high efficiency photovoltaic laminate. It is able to ensure a good yield even in hot climates, where typically it would be badly affected by the very high temperatures. The ratio of thermal to electrical production of the panel is close to 2:1.


ECOVOLT hybrid solar panels produce hot water at low temperatures while generating electricity with an improved performance over regular photovoltaic panels. Simultaneous production means that the energy generation of the panel is up to twice that of a standard photovoltaic panel, taking full advantage of the solar energy and, thus, reducing fossil fuel consumption.


Using hybrid panels in the fish farm is the first instance of them being employed for this purpose in either Spain or Europe. As it is an uncovered panel, the ECOVOLT hybrid system works at a lower temperature than other solar panels, benefiting the performance of the photovoltaic laminate even in hot climes where high temperatures negatively impact efficiency.