Stylish fixtures and fittings solutions for communities

Cucalón manufactures equipment for communities and offices. The company has a long history in the production of equipment for communities (hotels, spas, gyms, sports centres, offices, hospitals, schools, universities, commercial facilities, etc.). They have an extensive catalogue of products that includes lockers, benches, sanitary cabins (WCs), countertops, casings, screens, special furniture and removable floors/ceilings. Over the years they have adapted their designs to the needs and style of each era, evolving in terms of materials, machinery and work processes. The company has faced the challenges of each new era maintaining innovation as a constant while changing its products, machinery, raw materials, design strategies, work methods, management systems and sales platforms.
Cucalón maintains its commitment to sustainability both in everyday aspects and in sourcing its raw material: wood from the forest industry that guarantees sustainable forest management. The PEFC and FCR seals certify the quality of these woods and other raw materials used by the company, such as phenolic plywood and melamine. The company is also committed to reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by delivering its products disassembled. This drastically reduces the space they occupy in trucks and ships, one of the main sources of emissions on the planet.
The premise of Cucalón is to manufacture stylish, competitive equipment that both customers and the environment can afford. From there on, the need to innovate is a constant. This is achieved by asking three questions of each creative process. How do we improve the product? How can we serve our clients better? How do we reduce the environmental impact of the activity? Generally speaking, the answer remains the same: invest in talent and state-of-the-art equipment and redesign products to magnify their value.