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Video mapping show for Netapp Innovation event

Madrid, Spain
Brief contribution to an event with a central stage as a projection support
Nabegos Spain was responsible for the video mapping show that could be seen at the Netapp technological event held at the Vistalegre Palace in Madrid. Netapp is a cloud services technology company. Innovation events bring together company directors and clients to present the latest business developments. Nabegos was entrusted with producing a central stage comprising a large white volume to support the projection. The realisation of the show included various resources such as a videomapping intro/show with visual effects involving perspective and lighting, a virtual news presenter - controlled in real time from the backstage by an actress using a motion capture system - and the image of the different speakers and their presentations


Actions in ephemeral spaces require an effort to make their design sustainable. This installation was made from a panel of wood fibres reused from previous projects. At the end of the event it was dismantled and the material was destined to a third cause, thus closing a cycle of the circular and sustainable economy