Nabegos España

A different perspective: experts in designing spaces, atmospheres and experiential marketing

Nabegos is a leading company in its sector with more than 40 years of experience. They are experts in designing spaces, atmospheres and experiential marketing and offer the design, production and assembly of furniture, showrooms, offices, display windows, retail, event decoration, museography, the creation of interactive experiences, etc. The company is an expert in new technologies such as computer vision, holograms, video-mapping, AR, VR and HR, offering data capture in all its interactive media for segmentation and KPIs. Thanks to the fact that, as Nabegos underlines, “we see things ‘from a different perspective’”, certain international companies have come to them to undertake projects.
One of the main values of Nabegos is the commitment to the environment; fully capitalising on resources and the use of sustainable materials are part of everyday life at the company. Materials are selected with great care to ensure their source remains sustainable and any waste is reusable. The philosophy at Nabegos sees the company committed to the circular economy, supporting different purposes and causes.
In order to create living spaces, a need arose at Nabegos to implement interactive experiences without physical contact. So, they developed a computer vision system that controls the position of users within a space, allowing interactive content generation with zero contact. At the same time, they took advantage of this dynamic to develop web interfaces connected in real time with their interactive installations to allow user data to be collected swiftly.