Signage at Hotel Los Fariones

Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain
Carved alabaster pieces to house the signage of a hotel
We can work the signage of your establishment in alabaster and definitively enhance that welcoming and special image that you want to offer. Truly, it is a modern and unique form of communication with customers. Alabaster is a genuinely functional way of conveying the desired message, whether it be more discreet or visually striking. The four-star Los Fariones Hotel in Lanzarote - with Rafael del Castillo in charge of design - placed just such a delicate task in the hands of Alabastros Aragoneses. The design of these pieces is linear, simple and highly functional, and features pleasing to the eye square lines. Metal bases in the shape of an ‘L’ were used as a support and anchored to the wall. They feature an opening through which the alabaster is inserted and supported, resulting in very graceful, well-designed pieces. The hotel has used alabaster signage throughout the building: rooms, common areas, room numbering, etc.


In this project, the alabaster pieces are carved and treated with pigments to obtain a perfect colour finish, a result of their R&D. Playing with the colour range also allows the integration of their distinctive colour and script. The alabaster that was selected, in 13 mm thick slabs, is in shades of white with grain and considerable transparency, differentiating it from other minerals used in decoration and thus increasing the exclusivity of this utility. Given the translucency of the alabaster, the signage elements could be illuminated and also used as lighting points or companion light.