Alabastros Aragoneses

Alabaster is light: quality, design and excellence in one singular material

Alabastros Aragoneses is a company dedicated to the transformation of alabaster (noted for its translucent properties), creating unique works, full of light and with their own character, something that can only be achieved with such a particular material. Their token of quality lies in the 30 years experience of Mercedes Artal, their artistic gifts and a tenacity ensuring continuous improvement in processes and treatments, not to mention using alabaster and other top quality materials. The company does everything possible to use alabaster to create and develop, meeting the standards of quality, design and excellence. They work in architecture, erecting stairs, walls, windows, and so on. They restore cultural heritage throughout Spain and are involved in interior design, making innovations in furniture, bathrooms, decoration and works of art. Alabastros Aragoneses also enhances the possibilities of using alabaster for lighting with in-house or commissioned designs. They design and advise their clients according to their tastes and needs to ensure complete satisfaction. From the outset, Alabastros Aragoneses have worked with architects and interior designers when their services and experience with alabaster were required, both for the restoration of historical and heritage buildings and for the creation of new projects and architectural features whose design is both unique and exclusive. Luxury villas, palaces, hotels, restaurants, museums and unique buildings all over the world today show off their designs and their alabaster.
The largest alabaster reserves are in Aragon, from where the company employs a sustainable process: the surplus by-product left after processing returns to the chain for use as calcium sulphate. The fact that Aragon has quarries of the best quality alabaster allows Alabastros Aragoneses to minimize the impact through being less dependent on transport. In addition, one of the maxims of the company is to make use of all the material and, thus, they reduce waste almost to zero. Even the alabaster dust is used as it is much appreciated on other industries.
The incessantly creative mind of an artist never stops inventing and creating. A flow of ideas and designs are developed in their facilities in the form of objects and projects that, in addition to providing their clients with solutions, improve results day by day. R&D work continues unabated that includes improvements in design, in production processes and in the study of coatings, glues and other finishes –such as waterproofing– that improve both the aesthetics and functionality of their work.