Office buildings

Circular wall at El Corte Inglés offices

Zaragoza, Spain
Circular alabaster partition designed to be long-lasting and unaltered
Alabastros Aragoneses nurtures the creation of spaces where customers can be transported to somewhere that is eminently tranquil. Alabaster combines design and functionality. As a structural support it offers strength and durability and, aesthetically, it allows warm and enveloping light environments, in addition to creating elegant and exquisite rooms. Alabastros Aragoneses was responsible for a structural partition for the El Corte Inglés insurance office conference room. A completely circular 5-metre diameter wall was built using individually carved pieces. These segments were 300 x 500 x 52 mm base pieces, fitted without hinges or other intermediate crosspieces. The effect provided by the material is an interplay of light, space and design.


The alabaster pieces that comprise the wall are supported on a steel base and different adhesives were used to hold the pieces together and offer resistance to temperature changes and to the material settling. The material is checked to see it lasts over time without any changes to the aesthetics or functionality.