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Containerized biological water treatment plant

Wastewater treatment without civil works
Ingeobras ran a project designed to treat wastewater from living quarters for 1,200 miners in Ecuador. The project comprising a complete water plant integrated in a container and intended to remove polluting nitrogen (ammonium) and phosphorus through a biological system developed by Ingeobras and Filtralite. This solution was very comfortable for the end client since no civil works were required and it is a fully customised project for these specific needs. In addition, this plant is fully automated, so it is possible to control the plant remotely with real-time data. This project was undertaken by highly qualified personnel with extensive knowledge of the complete water cycle and experience in the sector, so it has all the process guarantees with lower operating and maintenance costs than the current solutions available on the market. After successfully conditioning the container, staking the equipment, mechanical and electrical assembly, carrying out functional tests and loading the container, this plant headed off to its destination in June 2021.


Aside from being economically and technically viable, all the technologies developed by Ingeobras that incorporate the container must comply with the mandatory requirement of being environmentally sustainable