St. Louis du Nord Hospital

Saint Louis du Nord, Haiti
Design and construction of a hospital to serve a population of 100,000
In 2010-2011, Ingeobras undertook a project focused on the construction of a complete hospital for the town of Saint Louis du Nord (Haiti). After the earthquake in the country in January 2010, Ingeobras actively participated in the reconstruction of the island. The town of Saint Louis du Nord, with some 116,350 inhabitants, did not have health care because there was no hospital in the area. The nearest was located in the town of Port de Paix, which meant a two-hour walk. The project developed by Ingeobras consisted of the construction of a complete hospital with two operating rooms, 25 complete rooms for patients or post-operation recovery, two waiting rooms, a water treatment plant and all the necessary facilities to ensure a safe and complete construction.


The project was undertaken on a geothermal field. This factor contributes to a reduction in external energy consumption. The design was completed considering this potential to minimise consumption.