Engineering and development of "plug and play" solutions for water treatment

Ingeobras is a company dedicated to engineering and the development and sale of compact water treatment technologies supplied "plug and play". With over 15 years experience, they have undertaken projects in more than 20 countries and have agreements in place for technological development with large companies such as Saint Gobain. Continuous expansion in R&D&I at Ingeobras has enabled them to be one of the few companies with their own Research and Development centre in the European Centre for Innovative Businesses in Zaragoza. Here they create bespoke solutions for clients and pilot plants to provide a practical demonstration of their solutions.
All the technologies developed by Ingeobras are based on the premises of sustainability and low energy consumption. Meanwhile, Ingeobras has received the Innovative SME stamp from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. It is also listed as a company that pursues Activities of General Interest for their socio-economic impact and contribution to technological innovation, recognition received from the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.
Ingeobras developed its own technologies to treat water from buildings in the contract sector. They are sold by the container or on skids (plug and play). They are solutions for reusing water, for improving the quality of drinking water through sustainable technologies, treatment for water from communal areas, gardens, ornamental ponds, etc., and for the treatment of discharges in areas where a discharge into the network is not viable or is excessive. The solutions are developed to suit each case and studied in detail in the engineering department.