Other facilities

Bosal automotive plant

Zaragoza, Spain
High power lighting installation to operate 24/7 in an 8,000 m2 plant
The Bosal Group is one of the leading manufacturers of exhaust systems and other components for cars. Diseños Santelices took on the design for the lighting at its 8,000 m2 production plant in Zaragoza. To do this, it manufactured high-power industrial luminaires specifically designed to operate for 24 hours intensively in chemical environments and with high industrial temperatures. This project is representative of the ability of Diseños Santelices to illuminate large spaces with unconventional technical requirements.


The implementation of this project took into account the conditions of service in an industrial environment. Recyclable materials such as aluminium were used with the necessary treatment to provide service in the environment while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.