Diseños Santelices

Specialists in decorative lighting and high efficiency technology

Diseños Santelices is a manufacturer of decorative and technical lighting. The company's emphasis on product design is noteworthy, while the primary clients for their decorative creations are medium-high level lighting, furniture and decoration stores. They also undertake lighting projects for industry (automotive, paper, foundries, logistics, etc.), the contract channel, hotels and resorts, office and government buildings, railway infrastructures, roads and motorways, sports centres, stadiums, hospitals, clinics, commercial premises and shops. The company works closely with its clients and aims to achieve the most suitable lighting solution in terms of performance, lighting design and quality.
Sustainability is a key factor for any company in the lighting sector. Optimization of materials and energy saving are two key requirements for any client. Diseños Santelices produces high efficiency and low consumption lights that are also made using recyclable materials such as aluminium.
The company designs and manufactures luminaires to withstand exceptional situations involving high temperatures and complements them with emergency systems and electronic control of the lighting according to the needs. This was achieved by attending to the specific needs of the project and providing the right innovative solution.