Urban places

Zaragoza-Delicias and Huesca railway stations

Aragón, Spain
Lighting study and lighting installation for a 9,000 m2 railway station
The Zaragoza-Delicias intermodal station was built in 2003 in the Aragonese capital. In this 600 metre long, 150 metre wide and 23 metre high space, the station houses technical and service facilities, hotels and complementary equipment, in addition to the platforms and docks. Huesca station was inaugurated in 2001 replacing the old station to accommodate the high-speed rail service. Both stations were equipped by Santelices Designs meeting the requirements of ADIF, its owner.


For this project, Diseños Santelices performed a lighting study to calculate the precise lighting that different areas of the building would require, in accordance with ADIF requirements. It also developed the design, production and installation of LED luminaires with in-line emergency systems for the High-Speed Train (AVE) and special tubular luminaires for street lamps, also with emergency systems. Both creations are designed and intended to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions as a result of recyclable materials such as aluminium and reusing pre-existing poles.