Port Aventura theme park

Tarragona, Spain
1,300 canapés installed in two hotels at the theme park with special features
At almost the same time in Port Aventura theme park, the new Colorado Creek Hotel was being equipped while the Port Aventura Hotel was undergoing a complete refurbishment. The 28 cm thick frame installed on the floor was used. With an Old West aesthetic, the Colorado Creek features very spacious rooms. Industrias Relax installed two 150 cm canapés (28 cm thick) on the floor in each room, equipping the hotel with a total of about 300 canapés. Port Aventura hotel was the first to go up in the theme park. They were involved in the refurbishment to the tune of some 1,000 canapés similar in nature to those for Colorado Creek. There was one difference, in that about 250 canapés were made with a displacement lever enabling them to be easily moved around.