Hotel Tres Reyes

Pamplona, Spain
Supply of 300 units of bedding products for a luxury hotel
Hotel Tres Reyes, in the centre of Pamplona, was the first luxury hotel in the city. It opened on 2 April 1963. This full refurbishment saw the inauguration of redecorated and renovated facilities, new suites and executive rooms, in addition to a gym for the exclusive use of guests only. Industrias Relax supplied some 300 units of bedding, including both the grand 30 cm high mattresses and canapés. The mattresses have viscoelastic on both sides, a material that welcomes and moulds to fit the body, thus increasing the feeling of comfort and quality of rest. The perfect complement were the slatted canapés covered in leatherette that enhanced the beauty of the room. These canapés can be joined together to form king-size beds. In addition, pillows were also supplied.