Industrias Relax

Manufacturers of bedding solutions for the Contract Channel with a fast and flexible response service

Relax is a family business that was founded in 1912. They offer a wide variety of mattresses, bases, pillows and accessories to meet the needs of all Contract Channel professionals. In addition to its history in the profession, the company has a high manufacturing capacity to serve any project rapidly thanks to its 60,000 m2 of facilities and state-of-the-art machinery. Excellence in service is one of the defining characteristics of the company. Relax has always distinguished itself with its ongoing process of evolution and therefore it can develop specific Contract products with a notable degree of flexibility to adapt to the needs of customers. Thus, the case of two recently launched products in the ‘Defender’ and ‘Guardian' mattresses, which incorporate 'Viral Protection' fabric: in addition to being dispatched in special packaging, these products are environmentally friendly as they occupy less space, meaning a reduction in transport and, consequently, CO2 emissions.
Convinced that environmental sustainability is a factor for competitive improvement, the company has launched a production (processes and products) review process from a circular perspective. They participated in the Init Group's "Horizonte Factoría 2019", challenging its Innovation Laboratory so that companies specializing in circular economy would join them on the ride. The PiperLan and Surus proposal was selected, which was based on the development of a predictive model of consumption that would minimise the generation of obsolescence and waste in industrial processes, as well as searching for an output in alternative markets for the surplus resulting from the production process. In addition, internal reviews are undertaken within the infrastructure maintenance system both by external installers and by in-house personnel. This allows the heating burners to be checked to see they are in perfect conditions. Although there is currently no renewable energy generation plant installed, there is a project in the initial phase that would place solar panels on the roof of the premises in order to generate electricity to be consumed on site.