Sports facilities

Masnou Sports Centre

Barcelona, Spain
Design and installation of retractable seating for a completed space within a sports centre
In 2019 the construction of a new sports pavilion was completed in the municipality of El Masnou, near the city of Barcelona. After the work was completed, the council sought to increase the profitability of this installation by incorporating three sections of retractable seating to increase the capacity of the pavilion. Arasaf was responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of a customised retractable grandstand. The pavilion had 360 seats in the main grandstand for smaller events.


When the proprietor estimates the need for greater capacity, this retractable grandstand increases the capacity to 705 seats. In order for this work to be done in the easiest and fastest way, the stands were equipped with a motorization system that deployed the entire stand at the push of a button in just a few seconds. The design process was complex, since the stands had to be inserted in the slots that had been enabled for them, so the work had to be made to measure for such an installation. Likewise, the proprietor did not want users to be able to reach the track from the stands, so access had to be from the fixed part of the stand. This height difference was significant, so they had to design a special staircase with three different heights and a safety railing.