Mitsubishi Motors Dealership

Algiers, Algeria
Ventilated façade in perforated aluminium to control the solar impact on the architecture as a whole
Arasaf was responsible for the design and manufacture of a façade for the emblematic Mitsubishi Motors building as the company expanded into the city of Algiers. Thus, project management opted for a ventilated façade as a "second skin" for the building. This was achieved using perforated aluminium sheet and lacquered enamel for maximum durability. There was a twofold objective behind this second façade: firstly, to provide the building with a characteristic, singular image, using features and drawings of the area and the client's logo on the perforated sheet; and, secondly, to protect the building from sunlight and the weather.


Given the extreme climatic conditions of the site, the project was challenging. After several studies, Arasaf opted for a façade in perforated aluminium sheet that acts as a second skin to the building, protecting it from the sun and at the same time providing it with the sought-for uniqueness. For these functions, several studies were done into solar incidence, on the building and on the light that filters through to the different work areas. Several types of perforations and trays were made based on the orientation of each of the façades and their solar incidence. The end result was high quality with some characteristic features. It is currently one of the most modern buildings in the new area of the capital of Algiers. As a result of this solution, new projects are being studied in the area, including a new hotel with a perforated façade.