Arasaf Industrial

Ad hoc' solutions for sheet metal processing, air conditioning and sports equipment

Arasaf specialises in the transformation of sheet metal used for building façades, air conditioning systems and sports equipment. The company was founded in 1999 as an auxiliary to the industry and, over time, it has seen the incorporation of new products and lines of business. They acquired their own brand in 2006. Arasaf works in the world of decorative metal façades, in association with architecture studios. The HVAC department works hand-in-hand with the contract channel. The company has been involved in major projects such as the Panama Canal, the AVE high-speed train to Cuenca, the Caixa Forum building in Zaragoza and the San Mamés Stadium (Athletic Bilbao FC), among others. In addition, they have been responsible for HVAC solutions for hotels, retirement homes, institutes and hospitals.
The company has been opting for the different technologies that are available today and that involve lower energy consumption, as well as the gradual elimination of plastic both in containers for internal consumption and for packaging of its products. Arasaf also has a strict policy regarding the recycling of all the products it uses.
The company has a design and engineering team that can find specific solutions to the different challenges posed daily by its clients, particularly as a very high percentage of its product is designed on the fly.