Hotel Mercier Sevilla

Seville, Spain
NYCX Design Award-winning carpet installation in landmark hotel
When the combination of two concepts, CREATIVITY by Arik Levy design + ELEGANCE by Mercer Sevilla, meets the QUALITY of the know-how of NOW Carpets, a "Made in a Hotel" work of art is created. In this NYCX Design Award winning project (Residential Flooring), NOW Carpets clothed all the common areas and rooms with custom sizes and colours, using all natural materials.


With high and low textures, the four-tone on-tone landscape designs (Brazil, Andalusia, mixed and Huelva) are made from a blend of wool and bamboo silk. The landscape collection is not only a tribute to the greatness of nature, but also an evocative experience. The contrast between the rough and soft textures, the shadows sketched out by the light and the graphic themes proposed in this collection recall the asperity of the vineyards, deserts and rivers of Spain and the softness of the forest of Brazil, as it appears when viewed from the sky. The dark blue is inspired by the waves crashing on the coast of Brazil. The high-low gloss design is made of 30% wool and 70% bamboo.