Now Carpets

Custom-made designer rugs with international door-to-door service

With their wide-ranging experience, NOW Carpets is committed to design, quality and service. They work with international designers of great renown in their respective professional areas, who provide added value to the carpets. A cosmopolitan outlook means that NOW Carpets can employ any aesthetic that is currently trending, while ensuring both warmth and comfort. The work philosophy at NOW Carpets is to offer a personalised service, adapting designs to the needs and tastes of their customers. As they themselves underline, "We feel we are an integral part and partner in all the projects in which we are involved". They use top quality materials for their carpets - wool, silk, bamboo, linen, etc. depending on the needs of their customers - and have the necessary technical certificates required by influencers, architects and interior designers. In a globalised world, NOW Carpets also offers a complete door-to-door logistics service. Projects such as the Dubai Palm Hotel, the Radisson Blu Béke Budapest, W Muscat Hotel, Mercer Sevilla G. L. (best hotel in Spain), Ritz-Carlton St. Thomas and many others endorse the company's work as a serious and reliable partner.
Among the materials used are recycled polyester recovered by hand, bamboo silk, banana silk and Tencel (a plant-based fibre). All of them include a responsible ecological washing process with biodegradable products. Now Carpets pioneered the use of recycled polyester, demonstrating its commitment to innovation and sustainability. In addition, NOW Carpets is a committed company: it plays an active role in the RUGMARK programme, guaranteeing that no child labour is involved in any of its processes.
NOW Carpets makes carpets for bespoke projects, offering the possibility of making customised carpets that are tailored to each client, whether for individual projects or for contracts and with very short delivery times. Their door-to-door logistics service allows their customers to optimise their time and focus on their work, understanding that their work is not finished until the carpet reaches its recipient.