Public buildings

Technical assistance for the construction of judicial infrastructures

Koutiala, Segou and Sikasso, Mali
Provision of judicial facilities in different areas around the country
The project is part of the Justice Sector Support Programme in Mali, funded by the European Union. The purpose of this programme is to contribute to the development of an independent, impartial and fair judiciary for citizens. To achieve these objectives, Ingennus was commissioned to design and build various judicial infrastructure facilities in cities aound the country. The buildings were designed around an atrium that serves as a meeting place and that facilitates climate control. Inside, three levels of foot traffic were established: a first public level located at the access point and by the atrium, and two more restricted levels for public officials, lawyers and judges, located on the opposite side of the buildings. The architectural proposal from Ingennus was a flexible construction scheme, adaptable to different places with minor adjustments, that shares the objective of incorporating adaptation strategies to the climatic conditions of the country and alleviating the absence of construction resources


Ingennus designed a biodigester system for Bamako prison. This system allows fuel gas to be generated from the waste produced in the centre to power the burners in the kitchens, thus reducing fuel consumption. Also relevant in the project was the incorporation of adaptation strategies to cope with the demanding climatic conditions in the country and the scarcity of existing construction resources