Sustainable, innovative, efficient and technological architecture solutions

Ingennus is an international company that designs sustainable and innovative architecture solutions for cities and the people who live in them, working alongside its clients to find efficiency and profitability. They understand the value of design and seek technological solutions within a framework of responsibility, efficiency and commitment. Internationally speaking, their projects favour the use of local materials and construction techniques through sustainable solutions, combining a BIM method with a life cycle analysis of the building to optimise public spending.
At Ingennus there is a commitment to the development of green architecture to create more sustainable cities and milieux and improve people's lives. In their team they have members who are certified under different standards (Passivhaus, BREEAM). This reinforces their commitment to a culture of sustainability that considers energy, climate, river and environmental conditions when designing projects, seeking maximum energy performance with the smallest possible environmental impact.
Ingennus sees innovation as a fundamental element in its relationships with its clients. The company manages its projects by implementing effective Integrated Project Management (IPD) principles through the application of the standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI), the work system based on the fundaments of Lean Management and the use of the BIM (Building Information Modelling) work method.