Fluid simulation services for air conditioning projects, security and air quality

As a company, the primary objective for nablaDot is a sustainable digital transition. In terms of digital transition, nablaDot offers advanced fluid simulation and advisory services to support the companies in the use of these digital tools for decision making (design of an installation, equipment, solution of operation problems, process improvement, predictive maintenance and other activities requiring decision making). In most cases, the ultimate goal of using these tools is to improve the sustainability of processes, equipment and facilities.
nablaDot has simulation tools to support the transition to sustainable fuels (biomass, biogas, hydrogen) in facilities that use fossil fuels. nablaDot has undertaken projects in the wind (optimisation of the wind turbine layouts), biomass (optimisation of biomass boiler operations) and solar sectors (calculation of wind forces on solar panels and optimisation of hybrid solar panel manufacture) . nablaDot also has extensive experience in modelling gas cleaning (desulphurisation) processes, improving the efficiency of capturing polluting gases such as sulphur dioxide. In many of the projects in which nablaDot is involved, the final objective is framed within sustainable development: improving energy efficiency, increasing the durability of a facility, saving energy, reducing emissions or optimising the water infrastructure.
In recent years, nablaDot has introduced artificial intelligence techniques to analyse data and create models in real time. These real-time simulation models are very useful when constructing digital twins. For example, with these techniques a model can be obtained that calculates a map of temperatures in a commercial building in real time based on the operation of the air conditioning system, occupancy and environmental variables. The information provided by this type of models, plus sensor data, allows better decision making when operating or controlling the air conditioning system. This example can be applied to numerous processes and case studies.