Place Vendôme Mall

Lusail, Qatar
Lighting design for a commercial showcase for a haute couture brand
nablaDot has used fluid simulation techniques in a storefront for a couture brand to prevent structural damage caused by heat dissipated by lighting. One potential problem with the lighting of a shop window - the object of this project - is evacuating the heat released by the LED bulbs used. These bulbs are arranged on an aluminum plate which is located between the different areas that make up the structure of the showcase (air chambers, walls and spaces for maintenance). The heat emanating from these bulbs can generate high temperatures in the aluminum, causing the plate to deteriorate, and potential problems in the medium-long term. The aluminum plate is positioned with air chambers to either side. Air flow is generated in the chambers by the air heat differential resulting from the heat dissipated by the LED bulbs. This air flow is what cools the aluminum plate.


This project allowed the durability the installation to be ensured, avoiding potential medium and long-term problems with the structure of the showcase. The showcase is now suitably designed as a result of this action, thus preventing future problems that would prove far more expensive than using these calculation techniques. NablaDot applied fluid simulation techniques to calculate the air speed patterns (typical of natural convection phenomena: low speeds, disordered flow combining rising and falling currents) and the pattern of temperatures in the air chambers and the aluminum.