Gres Aragón

Avant-garde, elegant porcelain stoneware for floors, walls and swimming pools

Gres Aragón is a leading manufacturer of natural stoneware and porcelain for both indoor and outdoor residential floors and walls. The company is also a major player in the production of special pieces for private and sports pools. In addition, Gres Aragón has developed a wide range of antibacterial products for sports and industrial facilities, and has its own division of ventilated façades under the Faveker brand. The company has undertaken projects throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Caribbean. Stand-outs among the installations include the construction of pools, not to mention one-off constructions for façades and the equipment for technical applications for industrial flooring. Gres Aragón's commitment to its clients leads the company to offer a service that stands apart, based on products of the highest quality, shortened delivery times and the provision of all necessary pre and after-sales service.
Within the actions effected to increase the sustainability of the production process, Gres Aragon complies with its policy of zero discharge of wastewater, recycling all the water in the production process itself without the need for any physical/chemical treatments. Waste by-products from production are reused, resulting in stoneware that contains up to 45% pre-consumer recycled content. The company continuously improves on its energy efficiency, making investments to reduce energy consumption.
Gres Aragón is committed to continuous improvement in its production processes and products, respecting the environment and has a certified integrated Quality and Environmental Management System per ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The use of digital printing technology allows you to give the ceramic the finish of any other material while maintaining the virtues and advantages of the ceramic itself.