Bosch Arquitectos

Architecture hand-in-hand with social responsibility, sustainability and efficiency

Bosch Arquitectos is an international architecture, building engineering and urban planning firm with offices in Spain and Peru. Focused on generating value solutions for clients in the corporate, retail and residential sectors, their multi-disciplinary team successfully creates services from the due diligence stage through to the elaboration of the detailed project and supervisory management of the works. They are highly specialised in workplace projects in which spaces are designed according to the new agile working methodologies (Agile, SCRUM, Agility) and cultural changes in companies. These latter focus on the well-being of their workers and on more transversal labour relations.
In terms of environmental responsibility, they develop sustainable designs for their clients that have obtained environmental certifications such as LEED, EDGE and Passivhaus. They were the first company to obtain an EDGE environmental certificate within the banking sector for a project undertaken in Peru. They have also been able to undertake socially and environmentally friendly projects in very sensitive contexts, such as the Amazon rainforest or natural reserves.
In a country like Peru, where a significant amount of construction materials often require very expensive import processes in terms of time and money, they generate particular design solutions in their projects that move forward using local materials and suppliers, generating greater identity in their designs for their clients.