Office buildings

Tour PB20-21 Cours Michelet – Puteaux

Paris, France
Supplier of self-service equipment for office building catering services
Within the context of renovating or constructing different buildings for business uses in the province of Paris, there are many buildings in La Défense - to the west of the capital - known for their great height and being home to all kinds of businesses. In these large buildings it is common to find a floor intended for catering services, and Onnera Contract is there to supply self-service material in this type of projects, offering fully customised solutions, under the umbrella and per the designs of different architectural firms and designers, with even the smallest detail accounted for. The premise for PB20-21 Tower project in La Défense was to develop a primary restoration area that could serve up to 850 meals at noon and over a period of two and a half hours.