Little Palm luxury resort

Florida, United States of America
Colonial-themed interior design for a Florida Keys resort
Little Palm is a resort located in the Florida Keys. Accessible by air or boat, this private island in Key West is home to a luxury hotel with accommodation for just 60 guests. Comfort, exclusivity and privacy are intermingled in this enclave that sees many ‘celebrities’ as regular guests. After the area was devastated by Hurricane Irma, Noble House Hotels & Resorts relied on Decoretro to decorate its spa and common spaces, including the hall, restaurant and terraces. Decoretro collaborated on the design, manufacturing and installation phases for the themed setting. The decoration of the hotel is inspired by the colonial style fused with touches of modernity. Following the decorative guidelines of this most peculiar style, the project was duty-bound to include over-sized furniture, as well as natural elements such as wicker, wood and bamboo textures.