Crafted unique decoration for all types of hotel, restaurant and leisure spaces

Since the 1980s, Decoretro has created decoration projects for franchises, themed restaurants, hotels and leisure venues. One of its main competitive advantages is the integration of all phases of a decoration project: design, manufacturing and installation. Control over all stages allows the company to guarantee quality and delivery times, such that their projects can come to fruition in just seven weeks. As a craft company, they carry out large-scale projects all over the world. The creative approach of the company allows them to be competitive in any themed decoration project. With over 300 workers, Decoretro takes care of the projects from the technical office through to the carpentry, crafts and signage. In addition, its products are approved for installation the world over.
99% of the materials used by Decoretro are natural. They recycle all waste and wood by-products are recovered in power generation plants.