Hotel Tamanaco

Caracas, Venezuela
Replacement of fittings in 225 rooms under tight deadlines
Hotel Tamanaco is located in the most popular shopping district of the metropolitan area of the Venezuelan capital, an ideal location for both business and leisure activities. Users complained about the malfunctioning fittings as the taps were difficult to turn and the inverters did not work. However, the rest of the bathroom fittings and fixtures were fine. The issue was with the shower and bathtub taps which were embedded in the wall. Replacing them in the 225 rooms would mean opening up the walls. This would take time, leave the room unavailable and involve a notable investment to refit the bathrooms. This project had the added difficulty that the hotel was always occupied and the proprietor could not afford to close down rooms just to replace the fixtures.


MZ del Río developed adapters to replace the competing taps in such a way that the external parts and, most complicated of all, the internal closing elements were replaced while retaining the inside of the recessed parts. With this solution, the fixture change time was around two hours and there was no need to change any other bathroom elements.