MZ del Río

Servicing the world with designer fittings for bathrooms and kitchens

Founded in 1951, MZ del Río is a family business that specialises in high quality designer fixtures. The company is responsible for the product manufacturing, assembly and design processes. It has a lengthy background in the hotel sector. It has the French ACS certification and is the only Spanish fixtures manufacturer to obtain the American UPC certification. The company's commitment is to manufacture durable and reliable products, supporting the maintenance of the product by supplying spare parts to anywhere in the world. The design of its products is reflected in its thermostatic cartridges, click-clack and airstop systems that ensure thermostatic taps remain efficient over an extended lifetime. They have undertaken hotel remodelling projects in which it has only been necessary to have the room unavailable for a single day to completely change the recessed fixtures, as they can adapt and reconcile their fixture solutions with the existing recessed parts.
The fittings solutions from MZ del Río are eminently recyclable and many of its products offer ways to reduce water and energy consumption. Their systems are designed to save up to 50% of the water and energy for each tap.