Hotel Silken Reino de Aragón

Zaragoza, Spain
Contactless access control through electronic locks
BTV updated the hotel locks, changing them to its Hermes and Lux models, with wireless connectivity and, in some rooms, the option of door opening via Bluetooth using the user's mobile phone. This project required adapting to the existing doors as well as providing other access and management options, both for guests and reception staff. These locks adapt perfectly to the different types of hotel doors and comes with some added features such as Bluetooth opening using mobile phones and managing the locks from reception via the hotel Wifi network. This option enables staff to consult very useful parameters for maintenance and management, such as the status of the batteries or a report on door opening without having to physically go to the door. In addition, the hotel staff can use the Wifi networ to extend access permission. With these new locks, the hotel can offer its customers an unbeatable experience, while simultaneously optimising resources for their maintenance and management.


The BTV smart locks that were installed optimise the resources of the hotel and the option of opening by Bluetooth through the client's mobile phone, means people are not required to go out of their way, thus reducing the associated consumption: reduction in the use of elevators, reduction in electricity consumption, etc.