Hotel Peponi

Lamu, Kenya
Paving around a hotel on the tropical shores of Lamu
Located on the enchanting island of Lamu off the west coast of Kenya, Peponi is a small 28-room boutique hotel housed in a 1960s building. Terraklinker paved all the outdoor spaces around the hotel with the Natural collection of extruded stoneware, which goes beautifully with the tones of the sand of the beach that begins just outside the hotel. The project was based on the need to integrate an element in an idyllic space that was both durable and did not impact the aesthetics of the area; on the contrary, it needed to integrate perfectly with the lights of the Indico and the original local construction solutions. The common areas and hallways indoors were also given Terraklinker ceramic flooring. Measuring 33x33 centimetres, tiles and stairs that had been specially treated to resist the sand and salt predominant in tropical marine environments were used, making them a sustainable and lasting resource.